Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Check out my latest character turntable

3D character model layout sheet

 My character layout sheet was fun to put together. It was a pain rigging my character, painting weights, and then posing him. Getting the mesh to deform nicely was a pain but I think I'm getting the hang of it. I now know better and will better prepare my future models with rigging in mind. I had a blast painting my textures too.

More Z brush work on Robert


 Something weird happened during the work pipeline and the uv's for my boots got messed up so therefore I could not poly-paint on them...I had to export them back into Maya and re-import them back into Z brush. I'm going to revisit this project and try to apply the texture I created in Photoshop.

 Yeah, his eyes were a little big. I want to fix that.

 I took my time with these jeans.
 More close ups of the untextured mesh

Zbrush Progress

 This is in the beginning before I subdivided the mesh and started to go to work.

 I was lucky to have found a really neat user-made hair brush. With-out it the hair probably wouldn't have looked as good as it does. I think the hair came out pretty good. In the future I plan on doing more characters like this.

Z brush is fun to use. I had a lot of fun dealing with the wrinkles in the clothing and applying the different alpha textures to the mesh to make the jeans and jacket look more realistic.

Robert modeling progress

Above are images of my modeling progress in Maya 2010. I tried to model my character as efficient as possible. I used Headus UV Layout to layout my uvs and then I just imported the laid out uv mesh back into Maya. I love modeling.

New Character: Robert Clark Jr.

This is some concept art for my most recent character. Below the main character portrait is my character layout sheet displaying Robert in 3 different action poses, my t-pose for 3d modeling, gun concepts, close-ups of the characters face, and the main character concept.

Character Turntable (Neesa)

Please click the link above to view my character turntable on Hope you like it.